Getting To The Office And Parking

My office is located in a small house downtown at 605 Baylor Street near 6th Street and Lamar. It is located between MOPAc and I-35, and is accessible from both.

The parking area is directly behind my building and holds 4 cars. From Lamar, enter the alley between Diner 24 and Emeralds and continue uphill. My office is the blue-green building on the left at the top of the alley. Always park so you can get out in an hour. If a car is pulled all the way in,  park behind it. Even if the parking area is empty, park so no one can park behind  you.

On the rare occasions when the lot  is full, temporarily park and enter the building through the stairs and door on the alley. In the kitchen area you will find a parking permit hanging above the copier. Take it and you may park anywhere on Baylor St. Usually there is street parking right nearby. PLEASE RETURN THE PERMIT WHEN YOUR SESSION IS OVER.

Click here for a Yahoo map.