Goals Of Treatment:

I provide psychotherapy services to individuals and couples for a wide variety of complaints. Together we define the exact issues requiring attention and specify the kinds of outcomes you desire. My intention is to help you recognize and reach your goals as quickly as is comfortable for you, as long as the goals are safe and ethical. I check frequently during the course of treatment to be sure we are on track and welcome your input. Usually we begin with weekly sessions to get the work moving, and adjust the frequency to meet your needs. Sometimes clients choose a different frequency of sessions.

In general, at the conclusion of treatment you can expect to feel better, have more resourceful choices about how you behave in areas that previously troubled you, and find relationships easier to engage in in mutually satisfying ways. You are welcome to return for additional sessions at a later time after we conclude treatment if another need arises or if you desire a "tune-up". At the time we conclude treatment, we will discuss follow-up and community-based options for support, if appropriate.

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